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ello, I don't know if someone really still read this blog, but I'm officially back, there's a lot of things I wanted to do, & this is one I needed to get done, I can't actually believe that it's already October, one of my favorite months, time has been passing very fast, but life has been actually pretty good, but it has been a rollercoaster ride, a lot of emotions & feelings around my head, a lot of up & downs, in resume, I've been achieving some of my goals step by step, I've been losing weight, & now I'm exercising to get fit, I'm doing very good in school, I'm already loving to be in school, this last semester went very good, I've been learning a lot, about my career but also about life, I learned to love myself more than ever, & not let my feelings control me, specially those feelings I had to someone, I'm now trying to take everything calm, all this time also I had learned to be more social & more friendly, because that's a key for success & have positive vibes, even though being friendly can come with a lot of fake friends, or fake comments of people that doesn't even remember your name, it gets better, just ignore those things & stay positive, I used to be a very negative person in the past, also kind of antisocial, so that's why now I love myself more than ever, because I don't really care about anyone who dislike me, but also I learned to accept the fact that people is different each others & we can't be all the same, also I learned to not expect too much of others & finally the most important thing I had learned it's that I shouldn't take everything too seriously, because I tend to worry & overthinking a lot, I love my life by far even though I've been thru dark times, and I had been lack of inspiration, I will stay strong & positive because that's what all about, keep trying
I 've been cutting my hair as a bowl, I really love it!


I haven't been totally lost, if you follow my instagram you will see, I always update it, it had became like a little blog, but I can't explain myself on there, I want to blog more often, that has been a goal that I haven't achieve at all, sometimes it feels nice to write, I only write in my secret blog, which it's very private.

http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mb7592gtwx1qdlkyg.gif Since July I started a new diary, where I actually write my days, because I really need it, I have such bad memory, I like to write a lot, even though I don't write the most smartest things, it makes me feel relaxed & also I can vent on there, I do write all of my expenses too, because these months I had spent a lot of money, I bought a lot of clothes, accesories, & what really blew my money away was that I bought two concert tickets, so basically I'm broke.

http://i.imgur.com/FvI4oV3.pngThese are a couple of photos from a shooting that a friend had to get done for homework, I enjoyed to help her because she takes very nice portraits, also I discovered that red lipstick looks wonderful on me, I wish I could remember how to make that hairstyle again, I like how it looked, I'll try it again, I'll upload the whole photoshoot later, as an excuse to update more often, I miss blogging so much

This month if everything goes all right I will go this friday to this festival that's called Corona Capital, which is going to be in the capital of Mexico, it makes me kind of nervous because I never been there, & I'm not used to travel without my parents, I don't like that, even though I don't like to travel with them either, I feel safe with them, but it will be a whole new experience that actually worths the time & the money, I need to go in a week by now,  on there I'm gonna see some of my favorite artists. Blondie it's like a MUST for me to go, I mean, I can actually never be able to see them, it's a very old band M.I.A had been one of my favorites since I was 13, years ago there were a lot of rumours she was going to come to my city, Grimes it's a recent artist but I liked her when I listened for the first time, she's so fun, there are also a lot of more bands that will be good to see.

I also gonna go to see my goddess.. Lana del Rey, in November, in the same city, it's such a bummer they're not bringing her here in my city, but whatever, it will worth it because I really love Lana, it's something that I needed to see in my life, I hope I have a good time.

Last thing I'm gonna mention.. it's quite dumb to see people that I actually considered good friends in the past getting mad or stop talking to me just because I'm into losing weight & I'm growing up, yes I was in a dark time of my life that I wont share details, but now I'm fine, I'm healthy & I got where I wanted to, & still working out to achieve my goal, I'm sorry if I dissapointed anyone, but I can't help it, I never could stay the same, even if I would want to, believe me, I hate changes, I'm a Taurus, but it's a fact that people change, specially males, also, IT'S MY BUSSINESS, you cannot control my feelings, even if you're worried about me, I'm going to do whatever I want to do as you are free to do whatever you want, to get mad, etc but I want to be pretty clear.. if you ignore me, that's something I wont allow, don't be rude because I never was rude to you, & that's the only thing I'll say by now, I don't really care about what others think by now.

I think all that love I felt for someone who does not deserve it I never expressed it in other things, so I want to tell all my friends, my best friends, they know who they are, those people who have always been in bad times, those who love me for who I am and have never left me alone, I realized one thing today the more time that passes, the more selfish and busy our lives become, but that's part of being an adult, but no matter the time that you're absent from my life, I know I have you & I can lean on you, I hope you read this, Thank you for so much love and thanks for so many things that you have taught me, I hope our fate never decide to separate us & have more years full of laughs & crazy stories to tell, I love you so much  & thank you for loving me, I'll always be yours, it's better being from someone who really loves & admires you for each insignificant thing you do.
And for the most people who like to read this, sorry for all that emotional crap, is just that lately I like to explain myself a lot & write a lot of things in block notes, but thank YOU to read this blog & enter, I hope you enyojed this short entry, if you like you can comment, see ya in my next entry...

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